SoCal Aesthetic: The Street Sweeper S2000

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This street sweeper S2000 is cleaning up the roads of California with a late afternoon Fast and Furious vibe.

Seeing an aggressively modified S2000 on the street in southern California always evokes a Fast and the Furious vibe. Or, if you’re a real car scene nerd, Racer X. Ivy Films has done a great job of capturing this Street Sweeper S2000 and the feeling of a late Sunday afternoon in a SoCal city.

Cuff-Yo, or Brandon Stephens to his family, has worked hard to do everything right on his car. It doesn’t have over a hundred grand under the hood, but that hood is definitely carbon fiber. We’re also sure that’s a painted carbon fiber Mugen hardtop and that the front wide fenders are carbon fiber Seibon pieces. On the inside are Bride racing seats and a Cusco roll cage.

Our resident stance guru doesn’t think, he feels. He believes the wheels are SSR SP4‘s and he senses that it has a Shine trunk lid and rear over-fenders. Also, a J’s racing diffuser and an HKS Hi-Power exhaust.

In the background, you see Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim, CA. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing this car around as it’s just been sold and shipped off to Kansas. We do hope Cuff-Yo picks up another S2000 though.

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