Honda Sports EV Isn’t a New S2000, But That’s Okay.

By - Honda S2000 Sports Ev Type R Concept

Admit it, you were a little bit disappointed that Honda didn’t bring a new S2000 successor to the Tokyo Motor Show. Don’t be, the Sports EV is better. 

As S2000 owners, you can be forgiven for looking to the past for inspiration of future Honda cars. The S2000 was a huge departure for Honda, and it was an excellent car in its time. We love every opportunity to get behind the wheel today, but the fact is there is just no place for a new S2000 in the current Honda lineup. It’s not coming. You can’t ever truly go back home. Maybe if we look to the future, we can find an even more inspiring driving experience?

[Editor’s Note: This is purely Brad’s opinion. I’m still clinging to my naturally-aspirated, high RPM Honda for dear life.]

The future is going to be an amazing place, especially if this little EV sports car comes to fruition. Honda has confirmed that they’re going to move to a fully electrified future with a complete lineup of hybrid and EV cars, and that includes their performance models. As has been proven in recent years, electric cars are actually capable of serious performance in both acceleration and handling, because they keep all of their weight low in the chassis. If a tech startup in California can manage to embarrass Lamborghinis at the drag strip, just imagine what kind of performance a real engineering juggernaut like Honda could produce.

Just for kicks, we had our rendering expert put together a look at what a Sports EV Type R might look like, and this is the result. Can you really argue with instant torque response, zero emissions, and never again stopping at the gas station when it looks as cool as that? The S2000 of the past was great, but what Honda has planned for the next decade looks even brighter. We’ll take two, please. Honda S2000 Sports Ev Type R Concept

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