Forum Member’s Build Documents His Journey Towards 500 Horsepower

By - Honda S2000 CR Club Racer Turbo Build Forum Member

When you pay attention to the details, you can push an F22c to make big power.

One of our favorite parts about S2Ki is how everyone can take the same basic car and create such unique and interesting machines. As a canvas and a modding platform, the S2000 is in a class all its own. But when it comes to our personal taste, we love the clean and visually simple cars that pack massive power under the hood. Not complete sleepers, but those cars that tread the middle line. It’s obvious to most S2K fans that the car is modified, but the good bits stay hidden.

You know, a car like this one Mijae007 has posted up. It’s a CR which already looks a bit more menacing than the regular S2000, and then just add some subtle visual flair. New exhaust, lower it a bit, and swap the wheels. Of course, the huge intercooler is a giveaway that his car isn’t exactly stock, but again, you have to know that to know that. Honda S2000 CR Club Racer Turbo Build Forum Member

The build itself, like all good build threads, is filled with just enough intrigue and heartache to make it worth your time. From part selection and engine build, to heat management, mysterious oil smoke, and a cracked exhaust manifold, a lot has transpired since this thread was started one year ago. Oh, and that one time he snapped the downpipe clean off at the turbo.

Want to see more? Here’s the break-in dyno:

The build is not finished yet, but what build ever is? If you are interested in checking out all the madness that comes with chasing massive horsepower, just bang through this thread. There is a ton of great information in there for anyone doing their own turbo build, and it’s filled with fun stories and great pictures to boot.

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