World Record! Fastest S2000 ROCKS The Drag Strip At Over 200mph!

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This S2000 just took the title of fastest S2000 out there, and it’s F22 powered!

The World Sport Compact Challenge at Orlando Speed World Dragway saw another record go into the history books. S2King has been clicking away ever faster times for their world-record S2000 build for a while now and their new record is really something to behold. With a time in the 6’s, anyone else looking to compete has a long journey ahead to shave off tenths of a second.

What time you you have to eclipse? A 6.78 pass at 203 miles per hour. That marks the fastest trap speed, and the quickest quarter-mile time of any S2000. Not only is that impressive on its own, but its all done with an F22 block as well. Typically, you’d think that some sort of V8 swap with turbos would crank out that kind of a run, but not this S2000. The worlds fastest one of all stays true to a Honda powerplant.

How much more can that F22 block take? Well, we aren’t too sure. After all you don’t know how far you can take something till it breaks. If this one is making about 1,500 horsepower, that’s 375 ponies per cylinder. It’s easy to assume that you can just throw some more boost at it, but we all know highly-strung turbo motors are not exactly that straight forward. Either way, congrats to the team on their new world record!

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