Toyota 2JZ Swapped S2000 Bites The Wall At The Strip

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It may have taken quite a hit, but that didn’t keep this 2JZ powered “S3000” on the sidelines for long.

Do you know what’s really awful? Crashing. Know what’s even worse? Crashing the car that has had a lot of work poured into it to recover from a crash that happened the year prior. That’s exactly what happened to this 2JZ powered S2000 at the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals. However, Larry from DRAGint doesn’t like to see a car down for the count, and this one made one heck of quick a comeback.

This “S3000” – so named by Larry – has a 2JZ motor at 3.2 liters, boosted by a 91mm Precision turbo and run on some pure corn E98 goodness. A 3-speed auto puts all of the estimated 1,800 horsepower to the rear wheels, but that’s where the trouble starts.

The high power and relatively short wheelbase on this car means it’s quite tough to keep the front wheels on the ground during a launch. It’s even quite heavy for an S2000, at 3200 pounds, but a drag bar is still needed, as they found out at last year’s world cup. At that event, the nose of the car slammed down, and did a number on the engine. This year, there was another issue that caused a spin and a decent impact with one of the track barriers.

Larry proves that you should never doubt the determination of a drag racer, and had the car patched together for elimination rounds. How did he do? Here’s a hint: his comeback wins are the stuff of legends.

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