Crazy Clean Twin-Turbo J-Series V6 Swapped S2000

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This purpose-built drag car is so well done it could shame most show cars.

The Honda S2000’s F20/22C motor is a beast from the factory. We have seen many examples hit 600 horsepower with the stock internals. Superchargers and turbo setups offer plenty of options to build a big power S2000. However, for some S2000 owners the stock motor is just not enough, or they want to build something completely different. Jason Schmuck of Schmuck Built is no stranger to building big power S2000s. His first build made around 600 horsepower with a custom built single turbo kit on the stock motor. Unfortunately a oil pump failure cost him that motor and he was still looking to add more power. After doing a built F20 motor, Jason was still having issues. So, he made the decision to go a completely different route.

twin turbo j seres s2000

Enter the J-series 3.2 liter V6 out of a Acura TL Type S. This Honda V6 offers 260 horsepower in Type-S trim from the factory. In addition to converting the transverse J32 to longitudinal-mounting Jason also was looking for more power. He chose to build a custom setup with twin Garret GTX3576 turbos. He chose to mount the turbos so they mirrored each other in the engine bay. The exhaust coming out of the turbos flows out though pipes in the front fenders. So, what kind of power can we expect from this monster?

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Jason says the setup was put together for the Vibrant Performance booth at the PRI show and currently has the stock S2000 drivetrain behind the swap. He will need to seriously upgrade the drag car’s drivetrain to accommodate the additional performance this J=series swap will be making. We’re betting the stock differential lasts one good launch before blowing to bits. Oh yeah, and we estimate horsepower could be north of 1,300 when everything is setup correctly. We can’t wait to see it complete and running down the drag strip. Let us know what you think of this beastly twin turbo J series swap in the comments below.

twin turbo j series s2000 front

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