Get Your Yen Ready – Spoon Sports S2000 Heads To Auction

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Three seasons of racing are under this Spoon built Honda S2000 endurance racer.

Never has a racing livery been more recognizable than that of Japanese tuning company, Spoon. Spoon’s tuning history is far and wide, but today’s focus, we select just three years. From 2013 – 2016, this Honda S2000 was carefully prepped to race in the Super Taikyu Japanese Endurance Race ST-4 class.

ST stands for Super Taikyu, and that quite literally translates to “Super Endurance.” At current, there are 8 classes in total with 5 of them based on mostly production cars. As such, ST-4 lands this car in the class containing cars with 1,501cc-2,000cc’s of displacement. Six rounds all across the island of Japan make up the series, with race lengths from 200 minutes to 10 hours.

Spoon used the F20C engine to stay within the displacement regulations to compete in ST-4, and built the engine with the attention to detail that you’d expect. Pistons and connecting rods were all weighted and balanced to ensure the closest matching set went in the car. Additionally, Spoon also uses their aftermarket aero and GT wing. Best of all is that this car isn’t “tired” by any means. Wording from the auction listing has it penned as essentially ready to hit the track.

According to the auction listing, this S2000 is expected to fetch anywhere between $52,000 to as much as $70,000 dollars. Want to know why it will fetch so much money? It was built on the very last “body in white” S2000.

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