The HOT S2000 That Nobody Loves

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HOT 2007 S2000 Side

This is the used S2000 that none of us want to buy, with a list of tacky mods and an even sketchier ad trying to get rid of it.

Even by today’s standards, the Honda S2000 is a fantastic sports car, and naturally they have remained popular in the used car market. The problem is that many of these cars have been driven hard, and distastefully modified, over the years. This makes those particular Honda roadsters less attractive to someone looking for a nice S2000.

Some people refer to a used car that has been well-maintained, and that has not been modified, as unmolested. This S2000 has clearly been molested.

HOT!!!! 2007 Honda S2000

The Craigslist ad for this 2007 Honda S2000 introduces it with “HOT!!!!”. That is with four exclamation points, so you know that it has to be really hot. The ad goes on to state that this car is fast and reliable with “too much to list”. In reality, they probably just didn’t want to post all of the modifications that the next owner will likely just tear off.

There are no details at all, leading us to believe that this car is stock or near-stock under the hood, but during its 11-year life, someone added quite a few aftermarket components inside and out.

HOT 2007 S2000 Front

Up front, it has a CR front lip with a splitter kit, though the splitter rods seem to be screwed directly into the bumper rather than the reinforcement. One big bump and it’s all getting ripped off. Additionally, four huge fog lights sit behind the grille. A vented hood and headlights that might have been purchased on eBay round off the exterior “upgrades.” Along the sides, this S2000 has the stock AP2V2 wheels, but the oddly-placed black stripes add that distinct custom feel. Oh, and out back, there are stripes that engulf the tinted taillights.

Somebody save this car

On the inside, this 2007 Honda S2000 has two-tone red and black interior with lots of gauges. It has a dual gauge pod on the a-pillar and a three-pod gauge cluster, because we all know how important it is to monitor the condition of your stock engine. It also has an aftermarket shift knob, which looks nice. To our eyes, it also looks like it might have a short-throw shifter – which makes the shifter the only good thing about this car.

HOT 2007 S2000 Interior

Best of all, whoever posted this Craigslist ad for the ragged-out S2000 didn’t bother to clean it, so the car is filthy in the pictures. Maybe they left it dirty to try to hide some of the stone chips.

So, if you have been looking to spend $15k on an S2000 and like the old “fast and furious look”, this is the car for you. On the other hand, if you have the ability to restore the sad-looking exterior, you could save this car from what appears to have been a hard life.

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