Home-Built Turbo S2000 Shoots for 700 Horsepower

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Turbo S2000 Up Front

This S2000 is a wicked sleeper with an awe-inspiring engine setup making monster power.

The Honda S2000 is a fantastic performance car, serving as one of the best-handling cars from its era. However, many owners want more power to go with those road-gripping abilities. There are a few different options for adding gobs more power to the S2000, most of which involve boost. One particular S2KI forum member has tried out multiple paths to big power – starting with a supercharger setup before swapping to a big turbo setup.

The result is a super-clean S2000 with few exterior clues to the big power under the hood.

S2KI.com Forum Build S2000 Big Turbo AP1Chief

The introduction

When “AP1Chief” first introduced us to his S2000, he started by providing some background on the car:

Picked this beauty up from a long time buddy of mine, one owner car, very well taken care of, He had it stock, and decided to throw a SOS Novi kit on it. Car was on 6lbs and the SOS stage 1 plug and play computer making 299.

Main reason I picked her up, was the car was SOO Well taken care of, I knew right off the bat, 300 was not gonna cut I with me. I decided to try the supercharger setup out, to see if I liked it over turbo. That’s all I ever owned was turbo imports, and was never impressed with supercharger setups. I ended up getting a 1200 for it, and maxing it out. I ended up making 27-28lbs a boost and making 580-600hp. Car was fun, but the novi was not gonna put up with that kinda abuse for long. Spraying meth in the inlet to make that 28lbs a boost made a HUGE gain in power, car was pretty damn snappy, but few months down the road, blower started leaking oil, and I knew, I needed to go turbo. I rebuilt the blower and sold it.

I contacted Jason Schmuck, home town buddy and he started fabin my kit up. AMAZING turbo kits, as in the past few years he’s gotten VERY popular. I got about 2 weeks out of the AP1 Trans before POP! While the stock trans was out, I also decided to get a 2.5stg puddy mod diff as well! I went ahead and threw a ap2 trans in, and turned her up, she seen about 3-4 months on some serious power before ap2 third gear said no more.

At this point I was done with stock trans, and decided to go CD009, and I’m currently installing one as I’m writing this post.

Hoping with the CD009 I can run 30-34lbs a boost and never worry about trans again, on stockers every time I got on it, I was worried.

Everything was done with my own two hands, in my garage. Car has NEVER seen a performance shop, and I also self-tune it.

A 600-wheel horsepower garage-built S2000

A 600-horsepower S2000 with a clean exterior would be impressive in almost every case, but the fact that this car was built and tuned by the owner takes it to the next level of cool.

Ap1Chief Turbo S2000 Front

After introducing the community to his S2000, the OP shared dozens of pictures of the car in its various incarnations. We get a good look at the engine with the supercharged setup, between the two forms of forced-induction and with the turbo setup.

S2000 Turbo and Supercharger

The OP also includes images of individual components of the build, along with pictures of the transmission that the sporty Honda tore up with the current engine setup.

S2000 Broken Trans

Once the previous transmission was chewed up by the big turbo setup, the OP began the install of a CD009 transmission (a la 350Z) that he expects will handle the 700+ horsepower output. Figure that if he made up around 700 horsepower before the transmission failed with 31 pounds of boost, his goal of running up around 34 pounds should put it well into the 700 range. Provided that the new transmission and rear differential will handle all of that power, this boosted S2000 should be one wicked sleeper on the street.

Turbo S2000 Low Angle Engine Bay

We have included a spread of images below, but for a look at all of the pictures shared by the OP – and for more information on this ongoing S2000 build – check out the original thread in the forum.

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