Keiichi Tsuchiya Forcibly Whips Amuse S2000 Around a Track

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Watch the drift king give this S2000 (and his arms) a major workout.

No one has ever doubted the fact that race car drivers have massive, how do you say, cohones. After all, you can’t let a little thing like fear get in the way of glory. Flinging a car around corners at insane speeds, hoping that everything is going to hold together just isn’t for everyone. Then again, a select few don’t seem to care about things like physics or imminent death. Like the legendary Keiichi Tsuchiya, otherwise known as “The Drift King.” And, oh yeah, it doesn’t hurt that he’s driving the iconic Amuse S2000 R1.

Amuse S2000

Tsuchiya is a legendary and trendsetting man in the world of motorsports, and a hero of sorts in his home country of Japan. Most credit him with legitimizing drifting as a sport. Heck, the guy was drifting cars in normal motorsports events before it was even a thing. Add that to the fact that Tsuchiya is an accomplished mountain pass racer, and it’s pretty clear that he isn’t phased by much.

Including this particular “touge” run around a tight and twisty winding road in a world-famous Honda S2000. If you’ve ever seen any of Tsuchiya’s onboard videos, you won’t likely be surprised. But if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. This is a man possessed, one who frantically saws at the wheel like a rabid squirrel navigates a series of trees. But this is more of a controlled chaos, one that doesn’t even cause the man to break a sweat.

Amuse S2000

Want proof? We don’t exactly speak fluent Japanese, so we can’t provide play-by-play. But every time Tsuchiya slides around a corner, he belts out “sugoi!” Which, as far as we know, is Japanese slang for “great!” or “amazing!” We aren’t sure if he’s referring to the experience itself, or the capabilities of the S2000. But one thing’s for sure – he’s clearly have a great time. And we always have a great time watching him!

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