Best Budget Mods for the Honda S2000 (Video)

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Here’s what a couple thousand bucks can do for your beloved S2000.

Modding a Honda S2000 is pretty easy, thanks to a burgeoning aftermarket chock full of options. But what if you don’t exactly have a giant stack of cash laying around? What if you want to turn things up a notch on your pristine roadster, but buying the car took up most of your budget? Well, there’s good news, of course. You don’t have to win the next Powerball to unleash a little more potential in your Honda S2000. Heck, we’ve covered this very subject several times in the past.

Honda S2000

Then along comes this video from YouTuber Raiti’s Rides. In this case, the owner of this AP2 wanted the best bang for his buck, but doesn’t have the dough to do everything he wants right now. So he started by using a Dremel to remove the baffles from the air box and snorkel to improve airflow. He also tossed in a K&N filter to top it all off.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the owner installed a Skunk2 Alpha header. Now, this might not exactly fit the bill as a “budget mod,” but it’s a pretty nice upgrade for a few hundred bucks. A Hondata FlashPro does a better job unlocking power than any of these mods, however, all for around $700. In this case, it helped this particular car pump out 229 hp at the wheels, which is a pretty decent increase over stock with no sacrifice in driveability.

Honda S2000

So the only thing left to ask is, how does the car drive now versus when it was stock? According to our host, much, much better. He calls the intake sound “unreal,” and says it’s “even more fun to drive” than before. Not too shabby for a couple grand!

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