ASM Retains Fastest N/A S2000 Title At Tsukuba Circuit

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With a lap time well-under the minute mark, ASM is the fastest S2000… but not by much, or for long.

As we know, one of Japan’s most popular motorsport destinations is Tsukuba Circuit. Fairly simple, but endlessly complex, the 1.27 mile circuit has been the place to settle scores, and prove your worth as a driver or manufacturer. Additionally, it’s put some strain on several friendships in the office via Gran Turismo. Tsukuba was once again host to the 10th annual Maximum Challenge, and competitors were organized by five categories. Those categories are Turbo, NA, Street Tire, Second, and Ladies, but we’re focused on NA.

While there were a number of cars included in the NA run group, the sub-segment of S2000’s came in to their own internal battle. As a group of three S2000 are released, the ASM S2000 was released first, followed by a green Arvou S2000 entry, and finally Aya S2000’s “Team G” build. Tsukuba Circuit Maximum Challenge Time Attack S2000 Battle

With ASM fighting to get their title back as fastest NA S2000, being released first was good, but didn’t really have any benefit. Even playing field at hand, the three set their times in a shortened style with only two flying laps that count. After two laps, ASM was the first to cross, landing a new NA S2000 record, of 57.051. The Arvou S2K was behind them, charging hard. There was a good chance that the Arvou S2000 would put up a challenge. It did, but fell short by only a half second at 57.585.

It wasn’t the fastest NA car there, however. Shark 7’s tri-rotor RX7 was even quicker at 55.595 seconds. Even more surprising was an ASLAN EG6 Civic, setting a blistering time of 56.546. For those keeping track, that’s nearly a half second faster than the S2000! That speed came out of nowhere! It also lands the car as the fastest NA front-drive car ever at Tsukuba.

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