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S2000 Supercharger

Brand new blower springs a leak on the test drive and leaves this S2000 owner in a pickle.

Slapping a blower on the Honda S2000 is a quick, dirty, and easy way to make considerably more power. And the presence of various kits on the market makes it pretty simple for the average grease monkey to do it themselves. But after installing a huffer on his S2000 recently, things didn’t go quite that smoothly for S2KI member Tempest161. So he wisely headed to the forums for advice!

“I just got done installing a Kraftwerks supercharger kit on my 2002 and everything went good and seemed fine. I did follow the Kraftwerks installation guide for the most part, except for priming the supercharger. I followed the Rotrex instructions for that. I warmed the car up, checked for leaks and fluid levels. Everything was good so I took it around the block. Light driving. When I pulled it back in the driveway, I looked underneath the car and saw dripping.”

Obviously not the way we envision our first drive with a shiny new part installed. But the OP got to work trying to figure out exactly what was going on.

S2000 Supercharger

“Pulled it back into the garage, jacked it up, and saw there was leaking from the supercharger. Thought maybe it was a hose or just the banjo bolt connections. So I double checked everything, put it back together, and started it back up. After about 5 minutes of idling the leak started again. It is not coming from the hoses, but from the seal of the supercharger. Is this possible being a brand new charger?”

It didn’t take long for several folks to chime in. And the overwhelming consensus is that this problem obviously isn’t normal.

“PCV shouldn’t cause that much pressure to build to the point that the blower starts leaking,” said RolanTHUNDER.“Run a catch can to see if that helps and/or vent the valve cover vent to atmosphere via a small breather filter. Did you double check your connections to and from the blower’s oil can? Rotrex kits aren’t running traditional engine oil feed and returns are they?”


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S2000 Supercharger

The OP followed that advice, and has some new parts on the way to hopefully correct the issue.

“I did double check the lines and even put on new hoses and clamps for good measure. I think I may have found the leak. I believe it is just seeping from the banjo bolt. I did torque them to spec, but guessing that just was not enough. I also moved the oil res and mag filter down lower than what the install guide stated and that did make a difference on the amount that was seeping. I have new bolts and crush washers on their way, so that should do it. I also have a dual catch can kit coming from RA.”

So it seems that the OP might have solved his problem, but we’ll have to wait and see. But we want to know – do you know what might be causing the leak in his blown S2000? Head over here and chime in with any tips you might have!

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