Honda S2000 History Summed up in Minutes

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Calm your inner keyboard warrior, sit back, and just enjoy this ten minutes of entertainment!

Despite its limited years of production, the Honda S2000 has proven to be an enduring thing. People are every bit as crazy about Honda’s little roadster now as they were when it came out. In fact, perhaps even more so. Today, the S2000 enjoys aftermarket support that rivals that popularity, making it easier than ever to keep these awesome little rides on the road. But now that a younger generation is coming of age, how will we bring new fans on board and fill them in on all the juicy details?

Well, we found a pretty good start, anyway. And it’s this video from Donut Media proclaiming to contain “everything you need to know” about the Honda S2000. In only a little over 10 minutes. Now, before you begin to cry foul here, we’ll go ahead and tell you that this video series isn’t always 100% accurate. Nor does it contain everything you need to know about its subject matter. But if you take them with a grain of salt, these are some highly entertaining (and often hilarious) clips. So calm down, put that keyboard to the side, and just enjoy it. There will be plenty of time for ranting in the comments section later!

Honda S2000

Otherwise, host James Pumphrey is a real hoot to listen to. In this latest S2000 video, Pumphrey belts out cultural references and thinly veiled jabs like few others can. Such as when he likens Honda’s roadster to “a summer fling, the McPizza, and my old man,” none of which stuck around for long.

Honda S2000

From the advent of Honda to the brand’s front-wheel drive renaissance, there are plenty of interesting tidbits to take in. Sure, most of the S2000 hardcore already know this stuff. And it isn’t “everything” you need to know. But that doesn’t make it any less fun to watch!

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