Want to Track Your Stock S2000? Watch This First

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It’s not as expensive a proposition as it sounds, but there are some things you need to know.

We came across this video by DIYGuys on YouTube, which is as straightforward as the name suggests: he makes DIY videos about S2000s. Sounds like our kind of guy! This time he’s talking about getting your stock Honda S2000 ready for your first track day.

Pay attention right after the bit about his mustache, he’s right on with this piece of advice: “Despite what you might think, during your first track day you are gonna be driving nowhere near the limit.” He adds that you’ll spend the majority of your mental energy learning the course and figuring out how to be spatially aware of the other vehicles around you. Our first lap during a track day, despite having driven a manual for years, was so overwhelming we bounced our borrowed Miata off the rev-limiter for the first three turns. Remembering when to start braking, when to turn in, and then to shift all at once can be pretty overwhelming.

tips for prepping your S2000 for track

So, now that he’s gotten us past the worry about a roll bar, he gives some really good advice on areas to address. First, brakes. Not just better pads, but also stainless-steel brake lines. The braided steel will protect the lines from being damaged by debris on track, and the higher-quality Teflon will keep the lines from expanding as much. Also, get good brake fluid.

Aside from that, he suggests learning to drive on track with the stock street tires. The limits are lower, and thus the speeds are slower, making your learning experience that much safer. He makes a number of specific brand suggestions for tires and brake pads, so definitely give this a watch.

All that, and if the maintenance is all up-to-date, the S2000 is a great partner for track-day driving in basically stock form.

Has anyone else tracked their lightly prepped S2000? Drop a comment, and let us know.

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