Honda S2000 Nurburgring Crash Gives Us the Feels

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Tourist Days at the famed Green Hell claims another victim. This time, a pretty nice looking Honda S2000!

As much as we all love motorsports, there is a very dark side to our beloved hobby. And we aren’t just talking about broken parts and expensive tire replacements. No, we’re referring to the dreaded wreck. Crashes claim the lives of many track cars every weekend, of course. And the more you push your limits, the closer you get to making that one tiny mistake. A mistake that can led to a date with a wall (or two), which is the fate that befell this Honda S2000 at the Nurburgring.

Spectacular crashes are nothing new at “The Green Hell.” Despite a number of changes made to enhance safety over the years, accidents still happen. Especially during Touristenfahrten (Tourist Days) events that take place periodically throughout the year. Sadly, however, this fun day at the track for our Honda S2000 owner quickly turned into a nightmare when he carried a little too much speed into a corner.

Honda S2000

We don’t see the exact moment the S2000 driver lost control, but it’s pretty clear he came in a little too hot while chasing a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX. The rear of the car comes around and hits the guardrail, which pinballs him into the opposing side. Thankfully, the car doesn’t hit head-on, and the driver is able to exit the vehicle in one piece. Albeit probably not in a great mood.

Honda S2000

Also thankfully, there was a track official nearby when the accident happened. They were able to immediately throw up a yellow flag, and the cars behind the Honda S2000 proceeded to cruise by without incident. Now we just hope that the damage is fixable, because we’d hate to see the little roadster go out like this!

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