Want to Know the Secret to Installing an S2000 Hardtop?

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Stanced S2000 build becomes test bed of hardtop install trial and error.

We came across this video by Phill, who runs the Phills2k Vlogs YouTube channel, about installing a hardtop on the Honda S2000. Naturally, we had to take a look and see what the “tricks” were. Turns out, he’s got some decent ideas, and he seems like an honest car guy who’s just bringing some S2K content to the Internet. As to why he’s switching back to the hardtop? He mentions that he’s not putting the soft top down as much as he anticipated. That, and he missed having the hardtop on. Fair enough.

First off, after watching this video we’d recommend one thing he doesn’t mention: a friend. All of this looks like it would benefit from a friend, from maneuvering to sealing. That said, putting a hardtop onto an S2000 is definitely doable solo. The first tip Phill offers is to attach the mounting latches to help keep the top in place while he’s maneuvering the seal into place (more on that in a moment).

Honda S2000 Hardtop Install Tips

The second tip he adds rather incidentally when he’s installing the mounting brackets for the top. The brackets themselves block the soft top from going up. Phill explains, “I had to learn the hard way. One day I was going to a car show and I took off the hardtop. I went to put the soft top back up and, yeah, it didn’t work.”

The last tip he offers is using a pair of 29-inch bicycle tubes as extra rubber to help seal the top. While he doesn’t road test it in the video, he later told a commenter on his Instagram page that it worked. “Yeah made it way more firm and no noise for me,” he wrote.

Anyone else tried the bike tube method? Does it work?

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