Honda S2000 Decisions: Time to Ditch the Stance Life?

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Stanced cars like this S2000 are undeniably cool. But are they really worth the hassle?

We’ve all been there. What you once thought was the greatest thing ever isn’t so cool anymore. Heck, we can’t blame you. We all get older, our tastes change, and that’s cool. So perhaps your Honda S2000 has already undergone a variety of changes over the years. Maybe you used to track it and now you don’t. Perhaps your daily has slowly transformed into a track-only beast. Or, in the case of Phills2k, maybe the stance life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be anymore. Literally.

Sure, stanced cars like Phil’s S2000 look awesome. But they aren’t exactly known for their driveability. Sitting on the ground with heavily cambered wheels is a great way to look cool. But it’s also a fast road to excessive tire wear, body damage, and extra attention from local law enforcement. And at least in his case, those little niggles are starting to wear on him.

Honda S2000

For avid followers of the channel, you already know that Phil has done a ton of work to his S2000. And he’s rather proud of the way it turned out. But soon, he notices a crack in the front bumper. And he’s even afraid to drive it to get some food. So the decision is made to ditch the stance life and turn his S2000 into more of a speed demon. Something that he can autocross and enjoy on the track.

Phil admits that he can only do so much with his stanced car, but this also seems like an attempt to branch out. Maybe he’s simply grown out of it. But in reality, we all get bored with our rides and desire change every so often. And in this case, we like where this particular S2000 build is headed.

Honda S2000

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