Super Street S2000 Build Part 4: Putting Power to the Ground

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Honda S2000

It might take a full day to swap out the clutch in an AP1 S2000, but the fruits of that labor are well worth it.

Building a car in 120 hours (or five days) is a seemingly impossible task. Unless you believe everything you see on those “reality” TV car shows, that is. Otherwise, even the biggest publications have problems making things like this happen. And they have seemingly unlimited resources. But Super Street is well on their way to building a killer Honda S2000 in that very time frame in their latest “Week to Wicked” project.

The incredibly cool build kicked off with the installation of a GReddy V2 S2000 turbo kit, coilovers, and poly bushings. On day 3, the SS team turned its attention to finishing up the engine with a new management system, exhaust, and air/fuel/boost gauges. But none of that estimate 300 hp means anything if you can’t put it down on the pavement. So day 4’s task was to ditch the stock clutch and replace it with an SPEC piece.

Honda S2000

SPEC makes clutches for any kind of power output. But for this particular application, they recommended their Stage II clutch kit and flywheel. With a high clamp pressure plate and segmented Kevlar fiber disc, it’s plenty strong enough for the newly turbo’d engine. Throw in a lightweight aluminum flywheel, and you’ve got a killer combination.

If you’ve ever removed the transmission from an S2000, you already know that this is a time consuming task. And sure enough, swapping out the clutch on this project took an entire day. But the fruits of that labor should be well worth it. And now that that’s complete, we can look forward to the final stage of this S2000 project – exterior mods!

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