AP1 S2000 Defines A Clean Wide Body Build

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Custom wide body work and an ultra clean engine bay set this AP1 way above the rest.

The Hoonigans have a YouTube series called “Build Biology” where they dissect and look at some of the more interesting builds that come across their radar. As such, Ryan Basseri brought over a friend’s AP1 which has some work done by Basseri himself, but also some other builders too.

Basseri is known for his Rywire builds, but this one has an even better aspect in regards to the wide-body kit on it. As a full authentic Mugen kit, it was made for the standard AP1, but was widened, and customized to fit massive wheels. Some might call it sacrilegious to modify a Mugen kit, but the results speak for themselves. It’s wider, but unlike over fenders, the car keeps a lot of the original accent and crease lines.

Moving to the inside, the same simplicity was used again. Basseri made a point to showcase the mindset behind the build, saying; “keeping things simple was really the way to go.” A multi point cage is fitted, but also low enough that it will clear a carbon fiber top. That top could be necessary, as the soft top was completely removed. Even so, the interior stays close to original, with carpeting and sound deadening removed to expose a white transmission tunnel.

Clean AP1 S2000 Mugen wide body

A clean build with a wire tuck wouldn’t be complete without an incredible engine. This one is fully customized with ITB’s and once finished with a tune, should make about 300 horsepower. “We did a stroker setup and right now it’s about 2.5 liters,” Basseri says about the E85 Ethanol-powered motor.

Under-hood area is understandably spotless, with custom fasteners and hardware; a theme that’s carried over to the under side of the car as well. “Under the car was fully stripped and all hardware is re-zinc coated,” according to Basseri. Understandably, the details are endless to pour over, and if you have some time to set aside and watch this video, you’ll be left in awe and motivated for your next project.

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