Track Day At Road Atlanta Provides Personal Best For S2000 Driver

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To get a fast lap at Road Atlanta, you need some bravery, and a clean lap.

Global Time Attack offers one of the best outlets to get some quick seat time in your car, especially if you have an S2000. In the RWD category, Jackie Ding was going for a podium, but just missed the cut. However, a personal best was still achieved – but only after a little frustration.

Road Atlanta’s challenging layout somewhat favors high horsepower cars, so any mistake that costs momentum in one corner essentially makes the whole lap worthy of being thrown away. In Ding’s case, a pesky Nissan soiled at least two of his attempts at a fast lap. At first, by holding him up on the tighter back sections of the course, and then another time by forcing him to brake off-line, losing momentum in the last few turns before the front straight.

Road Atlanta GTA S2000

Still, in this session, Ding managed to find some clean track to run. While really pushing the car and dancing over the curbs, he pulled off a 1:38.6. It wasn’t exactly the number he was aiming for, but a personal best was accomplished, so at least it wasn’t a total loss for the weekend.

Mods to the S2000 have left a desire to go back and dip below the 1:38.00 mark. This S2000 is sitting on 265 width Advan A052’s and has downforce provided by BMSPEC GT V4 splitter and rear wing. Custom coilover suspension, and upgraded brakes round out what should be a RWD class contender. It wasn’t to be this time around, but we have a feeling this prolific track day addict will be back with a new goal in mind, and a few car tweaks to accomplish it.

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