Supercharged Honda S2000 Gets the Hot Seat Test

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After supercharging and tuning this S2000, there’s only one thing left to do. And that’s hit the road.

It’s been a fun and highly entertaining few weeks watching the guys at Engineering Explained supercharge and dyno their Honda S2000. After spending the better part of the day installing a Science of Speed Stage 1 kit on their yellow roadster, the crew was able to see the fruits of their labor with a healthy increase in power. Sure, they might not have achieved their 100 horsepower goal, but the results were impressive nonetheless.

With a little bit of tweaking, the S2000 now produces 265 hp at the wheels – an increase of 80 over stock. But as we already know, throwing more power at a car doesn’t always translate into the best experience. So EE hit the road to find out whether or not their mods were worth it, how the car drives, and whether or not they believe the supercharger kit is worth recommending.

Honda S2000

Right off the bat, they note that “the driving experience hasn’t really changed much from a refinement standpoint.” Which is great news for a street car like this S2000. The throttle response is still quick, albeit with more power behind it. The engine in the S2000 was also overbuilt from the factory. So adding this kind of power doesn’t really hurt it. Or the stock clutch, surprisingly.

And it translates to real world performance, too. Even though the blower does little for acceleration under 4,000 rpm (it actually hurts performance just a bit), things improve in the upper rev range. Acceleration improves 20% above 7,500 rpm, in fact. And in case you’re wondering, EE says it’s totally worth the money. Even though there are better horsepower per dollar values out there.

EE wanted to keep things rather mild here (at least for now). But you can always crank things up with a smaller pulley and more boost. And we’re guessing that’ll be the next step with this build!

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