Clean S2000 Group Highlights Local Car Meet

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When you’re showing off your S2000 and its new front bumper, it’s always nice to be surrounded by more Hondas.

Ah, good old local car meets. A great place to scope out what your neighbors are doing on a sunny Saturday morning. Not to mention make a few new friends or catch up on the latest gossip. But of course, we go to car meets for one glaringly obvious reason  the cars. And this recent little meet that Phills2k hit up was full of them. Including one particularly interesting Honda S2000.

Of course, it wasn’t the only car of interest. There are several S2000s in attendance, as well as a nicely done Supra and even a racy looking old school Audi. And a  uh…  chrome Camaro? Lots of Hondas too, from slammed ‘utes to incredibly clean Civics. Heck, there’s even a modded Suzuki Samuri. When’s the last time you saw one of those? Not too shabby for a fairly discreet parking lot meet somewhere in New York.

Honda S2000

Our own Vlogger Phil is in attendance with his formerly stanced S2000, which is also sporting a fresh new Voltex bumper. And even though it isn’t painted yet, he doesn’t seem to mind. After all, this isn’t some kind of concours car show where they deduct points because you use the wrong color zip tie on your engine. But by the end of this episode, the stock bumper is going back on for a future video anyway.

Honda S2000

It’s only temporary, of course. There’s some work left to get the bumper fitting just right before it can be painted and fitted permanently. Once that’s done, we think this black S2000 is going to look pretty sweet. And with some new fenders/flares potentially in the works, things could improve even more.

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