S2000 Widebody Installation Goes Horribly Wrong

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Excitement and anticipation quickly turn into angst and regret when this S2000 owner faces fitment issues.

DIY jobs are always a mixed bag. Some of us have the skills and ability to pull them off seamlessly, but that isn’t often the case. Even the best and most experienced car guys find themselves perplexed with jobs sometimes. And to say that YouTuber Phills2k became a little frustrated over an attempted widebody installation on his killer Honda S2000 might be a bit of an understatement.

We’ve been following the adventures of the vlogger and stanced S2000 owner for quite some time now. And we’ve been particularly interested in his decision to change the look of his ride recently. Apparently, that grand vision started with ordering up some widebody fenders for the front of his ride. But as we all know, properly fitting body panels is rarely an easy endeavor.

Honda S2000

Phil’s excitement over his new J’s S2000 fenders is certainly understandable. And he goes into the test fit stage stoked over the potential results. The first obstacle comes in form of the front bumper, which requires an unexpected removal. But the stock fender comes off without too much trouble. And the new, wider fender covers the wheels quite nicely. Heck, the gap and fitment isn’t too bad right off the bat.

Drop the bags, and it quickly becomes clear that some trimming is necessary, however. But things quickly go south after that. After getting the driver’s side fender mounted, it’s immediately evident that the fitment is terrible. The cut around the headlight, specifically, looks like it was done by somebody who had a few too many adult beverages beforehand.

Honda S2000

Making matters worse, it doesn’t seem like the company Phil bought the fenders from has any interest in helping him out. So let this serve as a typical (but very welcome) example of buyer beware!

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