Roll Racing S2000 Takes on New Camaro ZL1

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This S2000 takes on all-comers at a roll racing event and doesn’t care how much horsepower they pack under the hood.

Roll racing isn’t the natural home of the S2000. It’s a game filled with 6 and 8 Cylinder cars that rely on torque to push past the competition. However, this 2006 S2000, featured on the YouTube channel turbo s2k, is happy to mix things up with the big boys using its lower weight advantage, forced induction, and tuning. At the wheels, it’s rocking 407 horsepower and 282 ft-lb of torque. On paper, those numbers are puny compared to the 650 horses and 650 torques a stock ZL1 is pushing down to its rubber. Turbo S2000 Roll Racing

On their first run together at an M.A.C.E roll racing event held at Raceway Park of the Midlands in Iowa, the S2000 misses 5th gear, but on a clean run the S2k holds its own then pulls away. We don’t actually know if this ZL1 is stock. If it isn’t, then that’s got to be even more embarrassing. The other cars it takes on include a 400 horsepower single turbo Fox Body Mustang, a 550+ horsepower turbo BMW 335i, a 650 horsepower twin turbo 350Z. However, the oddest choice for roll racing here is a 330 horsepower Mazdaspeed 3.

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The S2000 featured runs a Precision Turbo PT6262 blower hooked up using an Inline Pro Stage 2 turbo kit. Fuel is pumped to ID1000 injectors via an Aeromotive 340 pump. It’s also tuned by Full Blown Motorsports to run E85 fuel at 8psi, where the S2000 made its 407 horsepower on the dyno before running out of fuel. The turbo s2k YouTube channel is still young, so we hope to see this little monster grow up, get even faster, and keep tearing it up.

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