Kawasaki Ninja Makes Life a Green Hell for S2000 Driver

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S2000 driver captures ‘bad’ Kawasaki Ninja on Nurburgring, catches own flak in comments.

The Nurburgring is a driver’s paradise despite its Green Hell nickname. For as little as 30 euros per lap during general public sessions on the Green Hell, anyone can take a crack at one of the world’s most challenging street circuits in whatever they brought to the party, from a Reliant Robin to a Honda RC213V-S.

Today, though, we have a video from YouTuber Xav_S2000, featuring his S2K versus a “bad” Kawasaki Ninja. Xav and their co-pilot come up on the green Ninja rather quickly, both of them trying to get the rider’s attention to allow safe passage around the ‘Ring.

S2K vs Ninja

The next 90 or so seconds are spent in a duel between the S2K and Ninja, one that would have ended early if either party backed off, as would appear the case 36 seconds into the short video.

S2K vs Ninja

Alas, it would take the rest of the video for the S2K to finally pass the Ninja, who had been dead center in front of the roadster nearly the entire time. At one point, Xav expressed his frustration by honking at the rider, though it did little to get the rider’s attention.

And though Xav said the rider was “bad” for their actions, YouTube had plenty to say about Xav’s own behavior on the Green Hell, calling him out for their aggressive driving and lack of respect toward the Ninja rider. A few even said both were being stupid on the ‘Ring. We say patience is a virtue, and that maybe next time Xav takes his S2K to the ‘Ring during a track day.

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