Honda S2000 Meetup in the French Alps Is Pure Heaven

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Forget about your local crusty car meet at the shuttered fast food joint. This is where you want to drive your S2000.

Let’s face it, most car meets are pretty much the same. Pick some random parking lot, phone some friends, and set a date. Then, mingle and scope out everybody’s cool rides. But if you’re looking for something, well, a little more exotic, we’ve found just the ticket. Instead of some abandoned parking lot of your town’s shuttered fast food restaurant, how about the gorgeous confines of the French Alps, loaded with a whole bunch of Honda S2000 examples?

Sounds like heaven to us. And in this video from Xav_ S2000, we get to live that dream, at least vicariously. And truly, is there a better setting to wind out your S2000 and push it to the limits? With tops down and a symphony of four-cylinders banging off their respective rev limiters, this is little more than pure pleasure for all the senses. At once.

Honda S2000

The windy mountain roads are pretty clear, too, save for some pesky Lance Armstrong wannabes. So our S2000 drivers are able to rip through the gears and enjoy the lovely sounds of Honda’s finest bouncing off the rocky walls. And then it’s off into the countryside to enjoy some beautiful countryside. And a whole bunch of other S2000s.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to find some reasonable air fare, lodging, and perhaps a quality shipper. Because blasting through the French Alps in our S2000 seems like a proper bucket list item. And now we know that we won’t be the only ones taking on those twisty roads, either!

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