Gaggle of Honda S2000 Owners Stage Car Show Takeover

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This recent Ratchet Friday event quickly turned into more of an S2000 meetup as dozens of cars rolled in.

It’s been years since the last Honda S2000 rolled off the assembly line, but that hasn’t diminished the enthusiasm fans have for the little roadster. Not one bit. Even today, we find at least a small handful of S2000 examples at pretty much every meet we attend. But those showings pale in comparison to those at one particular local show fellow S2000 owner Phills2k attended recently. And it isn’t even close.

Ratchet Friday is a weekly event that routinely draws large crowds to Englishtown, New Jersey. After his personal ride gets a good polish, Phil hits the highway to join that fray. And as soon as he rolls in to the parking lot, he’s quickly joined by an easy baker’s dozen of S2000s. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that this was a Honda-only meet, in fact.

Honda S2000

Pretty much just about any kind of modded car you can imagine is present, too. From bagged rides to all-out racers. Eventually, some other brands arrive, and then the fun really starts. Beginning with a burnout contest, which hilariously begins with some guy in a Camaro who forgets to turn off his traction control. And a Miata that bounces off the red line for so long we were waiting for it to blow up.

Honda S2000

After that smoky fun, it was time to head back and check out all the fine Hondas in attendance. And there were plenty of those. Including one that gave our host a little bit of headlight envy. But that’s one of the fun (read: expensive) parts of most car shows, wouldn’t you say?

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