Turbo S2000 Playing on the Nurburging with a BMW 135i

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The only thing you don’t get from this in-car footage of a thrash around the Nurburgring in an S2000 is the smell of cooking rubber.

It’s definitely that time of year when the hordes trek to the Nurburgring and bring out their Go-Pro, helmet, and oven gloves to record their laps. It’s a practice we heartily condone, particularly when it involves an S2000 keeping up with something younger. It doesn’t hurt either when the S2000’s driver is calm and confident as he pushes hard. Unfortunately, the first real clue you get that something isn’t right is around the 4-minute and 50-second mark of Oscar123dM’s YouTube video.

The first thing we notice is his brakes aren’t as good as they should be. Not long after that, he goes into cool-down mode due to an overheating problem with the engine. It must have been frustrating to let the little white hatchback go past him again, but it’s better than killing a perfectly good engine. We also notice that although Oscar’s S2000 is boosted, he runs it pretty low. He says boost is set at just 13 psi maximum until 4th and 5th gear when it drops to 10 psi. That’s likely to change once he gets the cooling issue sorted out though, and we would love to see a clean run on solid brakes as well.

That issue doesn’t stop him having fun though. His smooth fast gear-changes and quick work on the wheel to stop the back end from lashing out is certainly entertaining. According to Oscar, his S2000 is making 370 horsepower and so is the BMW 135i. The twin-turbo 135i makes 300 horsepower stock, so that suggests the BMW has had a little work done. In BMW circles the 135i is held up to be one of the company’s best modern cars as well as the most tune-able. That may be the case, but the older S2000 still has some tricks up its sleeve and responds particularly well to a good old-fashioned driver mod.

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