Green Hell Claims S2000’s Front Splitter During Glorious Run

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S2000’s front splitter rattles as its engine hums through the corners and straights of the Nurburgring.

One of the best ways to help your S2000 perform at its best doesn’t involve tuning your suspension or amping up the power under the hood. Improving the aero situation of your S2K will keep your ride glued to the ground at high speed. A big, adjustable rear wing brings the downforce to the rear wheels for extra grip, while the all-important front splitter keeps your nose from lifting up.

Sometimes, though, your aero might fall apart at the worst time. YouTuber K.Zannos discovered this last September during his run around the Nurburgring.

S2000 Front Splitter

At the start of his run, all he had to worry about was the Corvette in his path. The ‘Vette did pull to the side long enough to let the S2K through about a minute into the video, which would be about the last time the roadster’s song would remain unaccompanied.

Upon passing by another slow driver, Zannos’ front splitter decides to break. For the rest of the video, the S2K rattles and hums like U2 circa 1988, forcing the driver to slow down a bit on the high-speed sections of the ‘Ring.



We never see how bad the splitter is damaged, but Zannos did explain what happened in the description of the video. In short, the splitter’s right side snapped off of its bolts just as the S2K entered the Schwedenkreuz section of the Green Hell. This was after five years “of daily driving and heavy track use,” too. Not a bad run for a part that could have broken on a curb or driveway on an otherwise uneventful day. And though the splitter failure did dampen the run a bit, Zannos says it was “still one of the best days of driving at the Green Hell.”

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