S2000 Whistles Through the Nurburging in a Single Lap

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Get in, sit down, shut up, and hold on for nine minutes of a turbocharged S2000 sweeping through the Nurburgring.

What do you do with your S2000 when you’ve got it set up just the way you like it? The suspension is on point. The two-liter F20C inline-four is putting out power like never before. Your aero is good to go. But where do you go to test your might? Why not head up to the Nurburgring, where 30 euros gets you a lap of potential greatness.

YouTuber Oscar123dM did just that a while ago, bringing his pumped up S2K to the party with a few dozen friends on a warm summer’s day.


S2000 at the Nurburgring

Oscar123dM has his top down for this run around the ‘Ring, but not so he can feel the wind in his hair. According to the video’s description, the S2000’s got a stock FC20 with a “full race turbo kit around 400hp.” A set of Ohlins connecting the Federal 595 RS-R tires to the car and the power to the road all but guarantee a crazy good time is about to happen on this day.

And so his ride begins, the turbo whistling around every corner in concert with screeching tires in the back, the roar of the inline-four on the straights. It wouldn’t be long before the S2K passes one car after another, including a few BMWs, a Honda Integra, and even a couple of motorcycles.


Sometimes, though, a few cars were a bit too slow to get out of his way. Thus, he taps his mirror to remind those he passed by to always check theirs, lest an accident happens.


At the end of the run, Oscar123dM pulls to the side, removes his driving gloves, and takes a moment to take in his amazing lap before turning off the camera to ride off into the sunset.

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