Rywire Honda S2000: The Devil is in the Details

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Rywire Honda S2000 Build Feature S2KI.com

More than meets the eye.

At first sight especially from afar, it may seem like the Rywire S2000 is just another white AP1 with a Mugen body kit. As I walked closer, I began to notice that this is truly one of a kind. Unlike some other body kits that require bolt-on fenders, Ryan decided to take things to a whole other level. Ryan consulted Casale Design in Pasadena to help add some flare to the exterior. The front and rear Mugen bumpers were reshaped and widened.

Front and rear fenders went through rigorous hours of clay molding to make sure they flowed seamlessly with the bumpers. The widened side skirts were also custom designed to provide the perfect aesthetic to complete the overall look. We must say that seeing all the bespoke bits and bobs up close with our own eyes were truly a sight to see. Even the Mugen rear trunk lid spoiler was reworked without making it look out of place. True craftsmanship.

Rywire Honda S2000 Build Feature S2KI.com

Keeping things clean and simple inside.

Hard to miss, the first thing about the interior that will catch your eye is the custom fabricated roll cage paintmatched to the exterior. The attention to detail can be seen up close when you notice how close to the roll cage sits to the roof line to accommodate for the GT Motoring custom carbon fiber top. The multiple bends and dimple dies just show how much time and effort went into making it all fit and look the part all together. Even the area where the OEM soft top would normally go was replaced with custom fabricated dimple die and bead rolled metal panels.

Inside the cockpit, Angel and Ryan envisioned an OEM-like feel without going too crazy. Built for track duty, the OEM steering wheel and seats were replaced with a Mugen wheel and Recaro RS-G bucket seats along with Crow harnesses. An AiM MXS dash was fitted that displays all the info coming from the AEM Infinity ECU. The carpet were removed, however the OEM floor mats were left in place – at least for now.

With the final touches being done to the engine tuning, we can’t wait to see how the Rywire AP1 performs on track. What do you think about Rywire’s latest project? We think it’s an excellent result of meticulous attention to detail.

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