Hagerty Gifts Us the Ultimate Honda S2000 Buyer’s Guide

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Honda S2000

New to the world of the Honda S2000, or know somebody that is? Here’s a great resource with some useful info.

One of the most frequent questions we get here at S2KI is what sort of Honda S2000 should I buy? What should I look for? Which is best, the AP1, or the AP2? And rinse and repeat. But these are all fair questions, especially if you’re new to the world of the S2000. We were all newbies at one point, and most of us were probably forced to learn things from various sources, including this very site. So when we came across Hagerty‘s new, “definitive” Honda S2000 buyer’s guide, we were quite intrigued.

Of course, much of the information contained here is already common knowledge. Blah, blah high-revving engine, blah blah purist car, etc. But it’s all great stuff if you’ve got a buddy who’s brand new to the hobby. Instead of trying to waste time explaining the differences between the AP1, AP2, and elusive Club Racer, simply shoot them this link.

Honda S2000

The real meat of the guide, of course, comes from the advice on what to look (or look out) for. And notable experts like Evasive MotorsportsMike Chang offer up plenty of informative tidbits on that topic. “Rust can be a problem on these cars,” Chang said. “If you’re going to buy one, check the wheel wells, front subframe, frame rails, and quarter panels.”

Honda S2000

Other great advice includes checking for missing or painted over VIN stickers, which could indicate damage and corresponding bodywork. There’s a list of parts that run rather expensive, as well as common modifications. Problems like blow-by and oil consumption are covered, as are current and future valuations. It’s a great read if you’re just breaking into the world of the Honda S2000!

Do you have any tips for the S2000 newbies out there?

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