Bay Area S2000 Meetup Goes Big in 2018

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Dozens upon dozens of S2000s gather under the California sun in the Bay Area, including a few unique builds.

What’s better than spotting one S2000 in a random parking lot? Spotting dozens of S2000s and their owners in a random parking lot. There’s nothing quite like the camaraderie generated around everyone’s favorite roadster, especially at mega-sized meetups around the country.

Such is the case at this meetup covered by Christian Perez, host of YouTube channel Honda Vlogs. Amid the sounds of a passing ice cream truck are tons of S2000s organized by color, including a few standouts.

Perez’s walkthrough first stops at a Blacktrax-prepped S2000, complete full cage, stripped interior, and removable steering wheel. This is followed by a look at a very clean red CR with an “on-point” wheel setup. With even the wheel weights being as clean as the rest of the car, Perez wonders if the owner drives their S2000.

Our tour guide then passes by a coffee-colored S2000 whose owner, Peter Heu had earlier quickly closed the hood upon the trumpeted mill inside; Heu later explained in the comments that he did so “because the cops showed up.” There’s also the “super-clean” orange S2000 with the autographed dash Perez looks over later in the video, as well as the greenish-gray S2K hanging out next to the silver S2000s.

After walking through rows of red and yellow S2000s, Perez heads over to a shaded corner of the meetup, happening upon “a clean-ass EM1,” a new Civic Type R, and a pair of black NSXs. Not too long after, though, the meetup began the caravan phase (which we don’t see in this video) of the gathering. We definitely love seeing this many S2000s in one place at the same time, and can only encourage more meetups like this.

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