Honda S2000 Battle Royale Is Track Day Dream

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A whole slew of Honda S2000 racers showed up for one very special throwdown at Toronto Motorsports Park.

Seeing one or two Honda S2000 racers flinging themselves around a track is obviously something you see relatively often. But from the looks of this ridiculous Speed Academy event that took place at Toronto Motorsports Park, it was more of a veritable dream than just your average track day. Professional Group A racer Jackie Ding was lucky enough to partake in the action. And even better, he shared the whole experience with us via this amazing clip.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans and proceeded to dump prodigious amounts of water on said track at the start. But that didn’t stop Ding from acting like a true professional and managing a few wet laps in his personal Honda S2000. Things eventually dried up, and Ding’s lap times progressively fell. And even with a few hiccups on track, his impressive driving skills still make for some entertaining footage.

Honda S2000

But it’s what happens after those hot laps that has us as giddy as a high schooler on prom night. A full eight Honda S2000 racers lined up for the photo op of a lifetime. It’s no surprise that Speed Academy arranged the little meet for an upcoming video. Might as well take advantage of this rare opportunity, no?

Honda S2000

Regardless, these guys were here for the racing. And the Honda S2000 battle royale that follows is well worth the watch. It’s a hotly contested group, one that offers up plenty of competition for the masterful Ding. And it just so happens to leave him breathless at the end. Whether that’s from shock and awe or just sawing the wheel like a maniac, we can’t really tell.

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