S2000 Gets an Exhaust Upgrade, and a Louder Voice

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This S2000 gets upgraded with a new exhaust system for a louder sound, but it might be more sound than the owner bargained for.

One of the easiest upgrades you make to your S2000 is to the exhaust. With the right setup, you can get better performance out of your 2.0- or 2.2-liter naturally aspirated inline-four without even needing to touch the engine. And of course, your S2000 will sound wonderful, too.

But there are times when you can have too much sound. Such was the case when YouTuber TJ Hunt and his co-conspirator Calvin were given the task by their friend Sabrina to upgrade her S2000’s exhaust to be loud.

To meet her needs, Hunt acquired a Tomei single-exit exhaust, which he says are becoming “really popular on a bunch of cars.” No doubt the exhaust will give Sabrina’s S2000 the growl that she desires. Not that she’s prepared to install the exhaust herself, of course, showing up in her finest white pants that no amount of bleach will ever fix should any stains get on them. At least she was able to unpack her new kit with Hunt and Calvin, though.

After a brief lesson on what bigger exhaust systems can do over stock, Hunt and Calvin go to work on installing the Tomei setup. However, the stock unit needed more convincing to leave, in the form of PB B’laster and a “big, half-inch” air gun. Calvin is impressed by the design of the exhaust, especially with the spring connection between the pieces, which he thinks is more secure than just sliding it on.

Once the S2000 is down, Hunt and Calvin take it up and down the street near the shop, only to learn just how loud Sabrina’s car now is. Hunt’s a bit worried she won’t be happy due to the magnificent drone it generates, though he does love how the Tomei backfires. At first, her “precious” ear drums can’t take the Tomei, but soon she’s ecstatic that her neighbors will soon hear her S2000 before they see it. Just another day for Hunt.

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