Would You Trade Your Honda S2000 for an Acura NSX?

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Is the Honda S2000 your idea of a dream car, or is there something else that could lure you away?

For many of us, the Honda S2000 is our idea of a dream car. At least, it might be our idea of a dream car within the constrictions of our budget. If you had the cash, perhaps you might consider letting your beloved roadster go. Maybe for something like an exotic supercar, or perhaps even the latest hybrid hypercar. It’s a feeling that longtime Honda S2000 owner and YouTuber Phills2k shared recently, which comes as a mild surprise.

It’s at least somewhat shocking, because if you’re a regular on Phil’s channel, you know that he’s obviously madly in love with his S2000. That’s why he’s spent pretty much every penny he earns on the car, slowly modding it over time. And the result is a pretty sweet ride, one that most of us would be proud to call our own. Yet, Phil harbors a little tiny secret. He covets an Acura NSX, and there just happens to be a nice one for sale local to him.

Honda S2000

And sure enough, the new apple of his eye is what appears to be a nice, clean example of Honda’s famous first-gen sports car. There’s just one problem, however, it’s an automatic! That would be a deal killer in our book, but some folks don’t mind the slushbox. Phil wonders aloud how much it would cost to swap in a manual, but we’re guessing it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Honda S2000

Still, this exercise raises an interesting question. Would you ever trade your Honda S2000 for something else if you had the means? Or is your current car already the ride of your dreams? Let us know in the comments below!

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