“Badass” Honda S2000 Enjoys Swan Song on Track

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A tough and tumultuous Honda S2000 build proves to be worth all the heartache when it hits the track.

It’s been a long journey, but Speed Academy‘s killer Honda S2000 build, otherwise known as “BADASS2000,” is finally complete. Despite the fact that it all started in near disaster, it’s a pretty impressive result, too. After all, this build started out as an AP2-swapped AP1, and things weren’t looking too good at first. But the guys got their collective stuff together and built one sweet ride worthy of one of the coolest Honda S2000 meets in recent history.

What better way to celebrate a car’s swan song than with an all-S2000 meetup at the track? And why not try and best your personal record at said track while you’re there? Even more interestingly, why not find out how this lower-revving 2.2-liter performs on the track? All of those questions and more are answered in this tidy little video.

Honda S2000

Rain threatens to squash those dreams, but our duo are unphased. Once things dry up, the newly built Honda S2000 proves to be quite the demon on the track, with prodigious downforce, a “magical” transmission, and perfect balance. The driver can’t say enough good things about it, in fact. The only real negatives are his admitted lack of driving skill.

Honda S2000

In the end, the BADASS2000 does indeed set a new record lap. But surprisingly, its owners don’t really seem to care. The real point is that this Honda S2000 makes the perfect track car. One that’s incredible fun to drive, even though it’s also incredibly easy to drive at the limit. And that pretty much sums up what we love about these cars in the first place!

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