S2000 vs. Z06: Which is the Better Track Day Car?

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S2000, Z06 demonstrate their strengths and weaknesses as track day cars, but which one would get your $35,000?

If you had $35,000 to buy the perfect track day special right now, what you do? For a lot of us, we’d head over to eBay or our nearest Honda dealership, buy an S2000 for around $10- to $15,000, then drop the rest of the cash into building our favorite roadster into a track day-conquering, straightaway-burning monster.

And then, there are those who simply want to watch the world burn by buying a stock C6-era Corvette Z06. Peter Tarach and Dave Pratte of website (and YouTube channel) Speed Academy spend a day at the track with a stock Z06 and a modded S2000 to determine which car is the better track day car.

On the straights, the Z06’s LS7 V8 beats the S2000’s F22C by a wide margin. As Pratte says, “there’s no replacement for displacement in an NA battle like this.” The V8’s 505 horses certainly help against the modded F22C’s 240 ponies, as well. Though we know we can get more out of the latter’s motor.

On the curves, it’s a different story. The S2000 “is really hooked up in the corners,” especially in its modded state. The Z06 is able to keep up, though, especially with its stock brakes, wheels, and tires. That said, the Z06 was holding back due to in this instance.

Once the circumstances change, however, the Z06 leaves the S2000 in the dust. The S2000 is able to catch the Z06 a few times around the corners, but the raw horsepower of the Corvette is too much to overcome.

In the end, the Z06 may blow away the S2000, but the S2000 will keep you more engaged compared to the Corvette’s tendency to inspire laziness, not to mention how much more fun the S2000 is to drive in the first place.

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