Honda S2000 Rolling Shell: Save It or Part Out for Profit?

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Honda S2000

We like to think we can save any Honda S2000, but is this rough rolling shell really worth the effort (and cash)?

As enthusiasts, we often feel like we can save anything. No matter how beat up, rusted out, or gone a car might seem. And sometimes we do just that. But most often, we fall into a giant money pit, stuck in a perpetual cycle of the sunk cost fallacy. Which, if you’re not a finance major, means that you value your project based on how much money you’ve spent on it, not what it’s actually worth. Thus, cars like this drivetrain-less Honda S2000 we spotted on Craigslist pose an interesting question. Are they really worth saving?

At first, you’ll probably say of course it is. Because any Honda S2000 is worth saving, right? But the truth is, you’ll likely never recoup the cost of getting it roadworthy and in top cosmetic condition. Thus, you’ve got a couple of options. You could just fix it up and keep it forever. Or turn it into a cool race car project that forgoes cosmetics. Or, you could, gasp, part it out for profit.

Honda S2000

With an asking price of $3k, that latter option is pretty realistic. But there are some potential pitfalls there, too. The bodywork isn’t in the best shape, from what we can see, with several dents here and there. We spy shoddy repairs with exposed bondo, battered panels, and paint that has seen better days.

The interior is kind of shoddy looking too, with obvious rips in the seats, leathered plastics, and…interesting…metal floor inserts. And that’s just what we can tell from the less than great pictures provided in the sales ad.

Honda S2000

Still, this poor Honda S2000 is an interesting case. And it instantly made us wonder, what would you do with it? Would you pour your blood, sweat, and tears into fixing it up? Make it a track-only car and just enjoy it? Or part it out and laugh all the way to the bank? Let us know in the comments below!

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