S2000 on the Track: Performance Street Tires Versus Race Tires

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S2000 runs almost a second quicker with the better tires at Tsukuba.

The videos here come from the Attack Official Movie Channel on YouTube and they feature a Honda S2000 race car making two laps at the Tsukuba Circuit in Japan. This footage shows the same car with the same driver on the same day at Tsukuba, but in the top video, the car has a performance road tire while the bottom video has the S2000 riding on race tires.

We all know that for road racing applications, a race tire is always going to offer better results than a performance-minded road tire, but how much difference is there between the two? This S2000 answers that question in a way that leaves almost no question as to the advantage of racing tires.

ASM Honda S2000 Front

The Car and Tires

The car in action here is a Honda S2000 race car that packs 325 horsepower and weighs around 2,269 pounds, but that is the extent of the information on the car. However, we know that in the video above, the car is riding on Yokohama Advan A052 high performance road tires measuring 295-30-18 while in the video below, the S2000 is fitted with Yokohama Advan A050 GS race tires.

Since the runs are made on the same day, the weather is relatively similar on both runs and everything else remains the same, the only difference should be in the performance of the tires.

Lap Times

In each of the videos here, the driver of this Honda S2000 race car goes all out, blasting around Tsukuba Circuit during what appears to be a time attack event. At the end of each run, we see that this Honda turned in the best time for a radial tire and the best time for a naturally-aspirated S2000, but how much do they differ?

Well, with the road tires, the S2000 laid down a lap time of 57:935 while the race tires yielded a time of 57:051. This means that with everything else being equal, the driver was able to shave almost nine-tenths of a second with just the swap from road tires to race tires. That’s a massive improvement for such a short track, like Tsukuba.

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