How Much Is Your Honda S2000 Worth at CarMax?

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S2000 owner gets a surprisingly fair offer from the unique dealership.

In most cases, selling a car like a clean Honda S2000 to a dealership is an exercise in compromise for the owner, but CarMax isn’t like most dealerships. The company deals in all sorts of vehicles and they are completely transparent with their buying and selling practices, so it has become a popular option for someone looking to unload a car or buy a new-to-them car for a good deal.

In the video above, YouTuber Machi Chavez took his 2007 Honda S2000 to a local CarMax outlet for an appraisal and the offer is impressive. In fact, it turns out to be too good of an offer for him to refuse, leading him to sell his sleek sports car to CarMax.

New Formula Red Honda S2000 AP2 AP2V2 Wheels

The Introduction

The video begins with Chavez explaining that he never has time to drive the S2000, so he sees no point in keeping it. He posted it on a few websites and, predictably, he received a bunch of terrible, low-ball offers. One guy insisted that the car was only worth $9,000 while the best offer received was $16,500. Mind you, the Kelly Blue Book price for this car ranges from $21,000 to $26,000, so the offers were borderline insulting.

As a result, Chavez decided to take his Honda to CarMax. Having heard that they offer fair value for nice used cars, he shined up the S2000 and headed to the dealership for an appraisal. His car has AP2V2 wheels and it is completely stock inside and out, with just over 45,000 miles on the odometer. Sounds like a catch, to us.

New Formula Red Honda S2000 AP2 AP2V2 Wheels

CarMax Appraisal

While Chavez doesn’t film the appraisal process, he returns from his meeting to show us the offer of $19,000. That is a couple grand below the low end of the KBB value range, but with it being higher than any other offers, he decides to take the deal.

For a low-mileage, stock 2007 AP2, the value sounds a touch low, but, hey, as they say, cash is king.

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