Honda S2000 and Turbo Miata Duel in Epic Track Battle

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Honda S2000 faces a daunting task racing a Miata with 100 more horsepower and less weight.

If there’s one topic that refuses to die among Honda S2000 owners, it’s the ongoing battle with the pesky Mazda Miata. Mostly because these two cars embody the same spirit. Both are nimble, high-revving, rear-wheel drive performance roadsters. Both are a blast to drive and enjoy, whether that be on public roads or private race tracks. Fans of each brand will undoubtedly tout the superiority of each model. But in the real world, there’s only one place to find out – the track.

But among the many Honda S2000 vs Mazda Miata racing videos out there, you won’t find any more heated than this one from Jackie Ding. Ding recently found himself doing battle with a turbo NB Miata, and the two drivers proceeded to let it all hang out in a battle for supremacy. Despite running a naturally-aspirated powerplant, Ding proves that his Honda S2000 is more than capable of hanging with the boosted Miata, too.

Honda S2000

In this Initial D-style battle, it’s all about the gap. If the lead car widens the gap, it wins. If the trailing car closes the gap, it takes home the victory. So needless to say, the pressure is immense. Ding is admittedly a little nervous, but for good reason. After all, he’s facing a lighter car that also packs around 100 more horsepower. However, he and his Honda S2000 are clearly up for the task.

Honda S2000

Ding loses the first round, but just ever so slightly. The two switch positions on the next lap, which just gives him a good view of how much faster the Miata is on the straights. Regardless, Ding edges out the Mazda in round two, so the two go at it for a tie-breaker.

Once again, Ding secures the victory by the slimmest of margins. It’s truly an impressive result, and one of the more exciting S2000 vs Miata battles you’ll ever see!

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