Naturally-aspirated S2000 Claims Street Tire Record at Gingerman Raceway

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Jackie Ding, would-be Hoonigan and part-time S2000 racer, goes full send on hot lap around the Michigan race track.

S2000 racer Jackie Ding just can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight as of late. Not only has Ding been uploading regular content to his YouTube channel, like this video featured above, but he has also been taking part in Hoonigans“Hoonigans Wanted” challenge.

Now he’s back, with more S2000 content. Specifically, Ding is at Gingerman Raceway, hurtling towards a new track record. Specifically, the goal at hand is the naturally-aspirated S2000 street tire lap record. The ever-popular 200 treadwear extreme performance summer tire battle gets ever hotter, with track-ready tires like the Nexen SUR4G, Bridgestone RE71R, BF Goodrich G-Force Rival S 1.5 and the latest hot tire, the Yokohama A052 all vying for track day tire supremacy. These tires all offer scorching hot lap times, and the ability to drive to and from the track without issue.

Jackie Ding Hoonigans Wanted Gingerman 200TW Street Tire S2000 Lap Record

At this point, Ding’s AP2 S2000 is a full-on streetable track toy. Suspension, aero, a hoist of power upgrades on the F22C good for 221 WHP, some weight reduction and, of course 17×9.5 wheels with 255/40 Yokohama A052s are all part of his recipe for speed.

Ding is at an open-lapping high-performance driving event (HPDE) rather than a time attack event, so traffic is an issue. Then was some fuel starvation. Oh, and don’t forget some massive oversteer and correction moments. Still, after seven laps there is a clearing and it’s game time. His goal is to break through the 1:39 barrier, and judging on the driving during the lap, it’s a fully-committed, full send affair. Despite fighting a touch of infamous S2000 oversteer, he manages to keep things pretty tidy overall. All of this is punctuated with Ding writing small notes on screen about the lap.

Jackie Ding Hoonigans Wanted Gingerman 200TW Street Tire S2000 Lap Record

Finally, he reaches the last corner, nails it perfectly and has a full-throttle smash to the finish line. At this point, Ding is focused more on the lap time displayed on his datalogger more than the track. The F22C engine is screaming at he hurtles towards the finish line. 1:38.003. What follows is a minute-and-a-half of frantic screaming, yelling and self-congratulatory shenanigans that are more common than you would expect after nailing a hot lap.

Ding wraps things up with a rather amusing proclamation, he had actually left the A/C on during the whole lap, costing him some precious tenths. Sounds like a 1:37 is coming next time. Good luck, Mr. Ding.

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