2JZ Swapped S2000 by Under Pressure Racing is a Real Showstopper

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2JZ Swapped S2000 by Under Pressure Racing.

One of our favorite spots from SEMA is this spectacular drag racing 2JZ swapped S2000.

There is something so wrong yet so right about swapping out Honda’s high revving four-cylinder S2000 engine for Toyota’s legendary straight 6-cylinder 2JZ. The only real reason to do is for raw power in a straight line, which is what this build appears to be about. The 2JZ’s reputation is well earned for being able to be tuned for big power, and with big power, you need big brakes to slow down again. Hence this one, built by Under Pressure Racing, was displayed at the Sparta Evolution booth and wearing a set of their high-performance brakes.

Under Pressure Racing is owned by Zach Leitzke and specializes in custom fabrication of everything from turbochargers to roll cages. And, judging by the bonkers looking manifold and roll cage, they’re pretty good at it as well. The engine bay is super polished, but the S2000’s interior tells us this isn’t just a showpiece. The carbon fiber seats and UV protected suede, pragmatic dashboard, and racing wheel say this 2JZ swapped S2000 is all business.

Sparta Evolution is a research, development and manufacturing company based in Seattle, WA, and dedicated to making sure their customer’s cars have the anchors they need for their race cars. Not only have we heard good things about them but, as we can see, the anodized finish on their brake calipers is show car quality as well.

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