Would You Trade Your S2000 for a Lexus IS F?

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Would you trade your Honda S2000 for a Lexus IS F?

Lexus IS F offers bulletproof reliability, thunderous V8 engine and four door practicality, but is that enough to make you give up your keys?

People’s priorities change over time, just take this Craigslist ad for example. Located in South L.A., this seller of this 2009 Lexus IS F puts forth an interesting trade opportunity. In their ad, the seller states that although they will sell the car outright, they are also interested in trades for a BMW M3, Mitsubishi Evo, or an S2000.

Interested? We don’t necessarily blame you. Perhaps you need the practicality of a four door sports sedan, or maybe you just want to switch things up and try out the V8 life without sacrificing any of the reliability that cars like the S2000 offer. Honestly, it seems like a fair deal, but there is some fine print that needs to be noted.

Would you trade your Honda S2000 for a Lexus IS F?

First off, a sizable mod list is included:

  • Big brake kit
  • WALD carbon fiber spoiler
  • Carbon fiber roof spoiler
  • Carbon fiber front splitter
  • OEM window visitors
  • Lowered on springs
  • RR racing stage 1 tune
  • RR carbon fiber elbow
  • RR racing Carbon fiber intake
  • RR racing oil separator
  • PPE headers wrapped in heat wrap
  • Magnaflow full exhaust
  • High-flow cats

And with just 60,000 miles on the odometer, it sounds like a solid car that seems to clean up pretty nice, at least, in the pictures. However, it’s worth noting that last bit. It looks good in the pictures, however, according to the seller, the car holds a salvage title. So, we would expect some proof of repairs done and a clear explanation as to what caused the branded title.

Still, this could be an opportunity for the right person. So, S2KI, would you trade your S2000 for a V8 sports sedan, like this IS F?

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