AP1 S2000 Showcases Potential of the F20C Around Tsukuba Circuit

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Modified AP1 relies on mechanical grip and suspension tuning to achieve commendable lap times around Japan’s Tsukuba Circuit.

It may not seem like much today, but the F20C engine is still a marvel. Producing 240 horsepower (or 250 in JDM trim) from a naturally-aspirated, 2.0-liter inline-four is impressive. However, for a modern time attack car, that still isn’t very much power. However, that doesn’t seem to slow much, if any S2000 enthusiast at the race track.

Take, for example, this AP1 we spotted on the official Tsukuba Circuit time attack youtube channel, despite being light on power, it is clearly not lacking in the way of grip.

Tsukuba Circuit AP1 S2000 NA F20C Lap Time

According to the video, this AP1 is packing a largely stock F20C engine, quoted as producing the stock 250 horsepower. That said, it does seem to have a performance header, or aftermarket exhaust on it.

However, what this S2K lacks in power, it makes up for in much more important areas, like weight, and grip. Curb weight is a claimed 2,540-lbs, which is a fair bit lighter than a standard J-spec S2000. We see the carbon fiber hardtop, but perhaps there is more carbon fiber hidden in those many aftermarket body panels.

Beyond the carbon fiber hardtop and GT wing, this AP1 is packing wider front fenders (they look like Downforce fenders, to us), and ASM-style rear overfenders, as well. This is, of course, all the better to fit the massive wheel and tire package that this car has. Those 18-inch wheels must be wide because this S2000 is running the very sticky Bridgestone RE71R tires, sized 285/30R18. Wow.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that, despite being down on power, this lightened and grippified S2000 turned in a very impressive 1:03 lap time around the famed Japanese time attack circuit.

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