Modified AP2 S2000 for Sale Could Be the Right Deal for You

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AP2 Honda S2000 Modified Track Car for Sale Craigslist

AP2 S2000 is rough around the edges, but the perfect start to a weekend warrior track car build.

If you’re looking for a track car, it’s hard to pass up an S2000. They’re pretty much bulletproof, very capable out of the box and easily upgraded. However, possibly as a result of this, the used S2000 market seems pretty stable, and largely ignores the conventional rules of car depreciation.

However, this AP2 that we found on Craigslist seems to be a great deal, at least on the surface. Let’s get through the basics: it’s a Silverstone 2004 AP2 with two-tone red/black interior, with a clean title and 157,978 miles on the odometer. The price, according to our seller, is firmly listed at $10,000, which seems mighty reasonable to us, especially once you hear about some of the goodies included with the sale.

This list of upgrades is pulled straight from ad:

  • Buddy club racing spec coils.
  • 17×9 +45 Enkei RPF1 with 255 40 17 all around. Fenders were rolled to fit
  • Also have stock ap2 wheels
  • I should have the stock shocks and springs as well.
  • Have a steering wheel hub not installed. Took it off to keep the wheel and put the stock wheel on.
  • Brembo blanks with hawk pads
  • CSF aluminum radiator installed.

Those are some quality parts listed, and easily worth a couple thousand dollars on the used market. All of this makes the $10K asking price seem cheap, so what’s the catch?

AP2 Honda S2000 Modified Track Car for Sale Craigslist

Well, our seller is honest about that, as well, including a list of “cons” in the ad:

  • Top is ripped and taped up
  • Seat and wheel is a little worn but not ripped (pictured)
  • Paint has a spot where it’s starting to fade (pictured)
  • Front bumper is scratched from going off course at Willow Springs
  • Airbag light is on due to the steering wheel being removed and then put back on

It is rough around the edges, but, for a track toy, that’s less things to worry about. And, assuming that the only issues are cosmetic, that means that this S2000 has a lot of life left in it, and is ready to rip.

So, why is this S2K being sold, if it seems like such a good buy? Well, according to the seller, they are “Just selling because I have other track cars and I’ll never drive this if I’m being honest with myself.”

Well, S2KI, what you do think? Is the $10,000 price just right, or not? Drop a comment and tell us why.

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Jake Stumph is the lead Content Editor for S2KI and several other Internet Brands Automotive websites. He enjoys track days, drifting, and autocross, at least, when his cars are running right.

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