How Much Would You Pay for a Genuine Mugen Hardtop for Your S2000?

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Mugen Hardtop Honda S2000

Even aftermarket S2000 hardtops are expensive, so, for some, it’s worth splurging on a real Mugen part.

We can’t help it, we have a Craigslist problem. Between everyone in the S2KI office, we have bought more than half a dozen project cars and an untold amount of car parts, both new and used from the site.

So when we spied this genuine Mugen hardtop for sale on Los Angeles Craigslist, we had to stop and ask: how much is too much?

The ad is a bit odd, using images that look lifted out of a tuner mag, but, if it’s to be believed, this is the real deal. The seller even says so, too: “Genuine MUGEN Hardtop for Honda S2000. I’m selling just the top together with the window. Nothing else. The top, paint and window are in excellent condition!! All the prep work has been done by a professional Bodyshop. Comes painted black and ready for installation. What you see is what you get. Fitment is second to none!

Mugen Hardtop Honda S2000

They then quote the same marketing material you would find on a retail website, but the price stands out: $2,950.

S2000 hardtops have always been expensive, but how much is too much? Because, to us, this seems like too much. We are sure that, as is the way with Mugen parts, the quality is excellent, but at what point do you rationalize that a hardtop is a hardtop, as long as it fits well. The S2000 is well-saturated with quality aftermarket offerings, so, unless you’re a hardcore JDM/Mugen head, we don’t think it’s worth it.

However, that’s just us, so, S2KI, what do you think, is the price worth it?

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Jake Stumph is the lead Content Editor for S2KI and several other Internet Brands Automotive websites. He enjoys track days, drifting, and autocross, at least, when his cars are running right.

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