S2KI Members Face the Wrath of Revised California Exhaust Law

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Honda S2000 California Exhaust Law

You might expect that all car enthusiasts would despise the revised California exhaust law, but you’d be wrong.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for weeks, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the revised California exhaust law that went into effect this new year. At first, there was a ton of misinformation that spread like wildfire around the enthusiast community. But the facts are still rather grim. Instead of the good old days when you were granted a “fix-it ticket,” those exceeding 95 decibels can now be issued a fine of up to $1,000 per violation on the spot. And interestingly enough, while most S2KI members obviously despise this new law, others actually defend it in this recent thread.

As most already know, the law changed mostly because of folks who get a little out of control on public roads.

“This law came about mostly because of extremely loud bikes(straight exhaust) but its written up as a motor vehicle so it covers all,” says rrounds“When some push the limits or just flat blow through them, then the law will get involved.”

Honda S2000 California Exhaust Law

Chuck S seconds that notion, and notes that this is more of a way to target dangerous drivers.

“From my understanding the law is the same as before other than you get an immediate fine. Fixing the noise will no longer fix the ticket. Doesn’t appear to limit your choices to just OEM, but none can exceed 95dBA using their tests. If you have an AH exhaust and fear a ticket, fix it. I’m convinced the police are looking for dangerous drivers and noise is way down on their list of things to check.”

Others, like Kyle, aren’t so convinced that’s the case.

“Just another revenue generator. The car scene out in Cali plus the high concentration of people with more money than sense. So you can simply call this just another tax.”

But Chibo is clearly not a fan of loud noises to behind with, so he’s on board with the revised California exhaust law.

“If your shit is loud enough to get pulled over for and it tests above 95dB, the problem might not be the law. It might be that you’re an asshole and don’t realize it. 95dB at 3k rpm is really loud already. Something that tests that high will pretty likely be well over 100dB at higher revs. Sorry, I don’t want to hear that and no one else does either, it is physically painful.”

Honda S2000 California Exhaust Law

That’s all fine and dandy, but eight sees a bit of a problem with the excessive fines.

“What absolutely cracks me up is that it’s currently a heavier fine to be loud than it is to speed. There’s excessive and there’s tuner friendly. Currently, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime is all I’m saying.”

One thing’s for sure – few topics in recent history have riled up the masses like this revised California exhaust law. So we want to know what you think. Head over here and tell us if you believe this is a case of government overreach, or a perfectly sensible solution to a growing problem!

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